With so many places to buy a suit these days, it’s always great to see a brand that does the “cheap suit” right.

If you’ve never head of Suitsupply, it’s an insanely popular men’s retailer from Holland. The brand has made headway all over Europe and is slated to open it’s first Canadian location on Cumberland Street in Toronto’s Yorkville area.  Suitsupply excels in providing very modern suit cuts and great quality at prices under $400 and was voted #1 men’s suit retailer by the Wall Street Journal.

Not only is Suitsupply known for it’s amazing suit designs and prices, the brand often finds itself swimming in the same controversial water that American Apparel like to swim in. Ads often depict women in very sexualized formations and often nude. We will see how they approach the Canadian market with their advertising.

just google SuitSupply ads if you’re looking to see some spicy adverts… Note:  NSFW.

When we ge the exact adress of the new store we’ll let you know!

Source: Retail-Insider.

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