According to industry insiders, the winter coat marketplace has been flooded with product due to a warm December and a winter that looks like it’s just getting started. If you’re anything like us, you probably waited until the first big snowfall to get your winter gear in check. Lucky for you, if you’re just starting to look for a winter coat we’ve got you covered.

MEC Toronto

Mountain equipment Co-op makes some of the best outdoor gear on the market. WIth friendly and knowledgable staff, MEC is a great place to get your hands on a trust winter coat. The only downside to MEC is the fact that they primarily carry their own house brand, so if you are looking for variety of brands this place is not for you.

Sporting Life

Sporting Life is a mecca for all things snow related. Their winter coat selection is one of the best in the city, and they carry everything form high-end technical ski wear, to fashion forward outwear that will make even the most seasoned fashionistas jealous. Sportinglife currently holds one of the largest Canada Goose collections and caters to the refined shopper who doesn’t mind shelling out several hundreds of dollars for a high-quality coat. What’s awesome about Sporting Life is that you can regularly find great jackets on sale that will help save you some coin


If there’s something this Canadian retailer knows, it’s winter and they’ve definitely upped their parka game within the last few years. Most of the parkas you’ll find at Aritzia are from their house brands such as Golden by TNA, TNA, Community and Wilfred Free, but they are without a doubt, warm as can be. Many of their jackets have water-resistant material, removable vegan fur trim, are machine washable and down-filled.

Lorne’s Coats

Lorne’s has been a staple in Toronto for decades (ask your grandparents). What’s great about Lorne’s is that they do one thing (sell coats) and they do it well. Perfect for a work appropriate coat. While the weather may dictate that you need a parka, often in Toronto it’s unnecessary. If you work in a typical office you need a business appropriate coat. Actually, we are going further than that everyone needs a dress coat, not just office workers. There is nothing worse than seeing someone wearing a Starter jacket or boxy parka over a nice suit.

StyleDemocracy Warehouse Sales

We are definitely biased, but SD warehouse sales are some of the best to get your hands on a winter coat.f you want a brand new coat and don’t want to break the bank you can routinely find runaway deals at many of our fall warehouse sales.  This year the belle of the ball was the Nordstrom Warehouse sale, where customers picked up jackets from Rudsak, Parajumpers, Alexander Wang, and more for up to 80% off, score!

Value Village + Consignment Stores

If you’re looking for cheap, Value Village is a good bet. While considered “gently used” you can often find yourself a great unique jacket perfect for those who need more than one or two jackets to round out the style needs.

Additionally, consignment stores offer a good choice for people who want designer but don’t want to pay designer prices. Many great consignment sores have fabulous vintage designer coats that can help you stand out in a crowd. Going this route almost guarantees you won’t be standing next to someone with the same jacket, we’ve all seen those hoards of teens all wearing the same Canada Goose Chilliwack parka.

Check out our list of consignment stores here.


While it can be somewhat hit or miss, Winners is a great option for the shopper looking to pick up a brand name winter coat without breaking the bank. While the prices arent’ as cheap as a warehouse sale, the frequency and the chances of getting a steal at winners is much higher.


If you’re looking for an affordable fashion-oriented jacket, Danier is a good choice. While not the types of jacket you want to go in the wilderness with, Danier has a great selection of well-priced stylish coats that are perfect for trudging around in a city like Toronto.

Joe Fresh

Joe Fresh is a great choice for the frugal shopper. If you need a down filled coat Joe Fresh routinely has them for under $200, making Joe Fresh coats the affordable and trendy choice.

GEOX Coat Pop-Up

Located in Sherway Gardens,  Geox has a beautiful pop-up shop that sells their high-quality winter wear. While a little expensive, GEOX coats are some of the best on the market and if you’re looking for a high-quality luxury winter jacket that doesn’t have the word Goose or Moose in it, check out Geox.

Where else do you go to buy winter jackets in the GTA?