Canadians have started embracing one of America’s best and craziest shopping holidays – Black Friday. This year stores are opening earlier, malls like Yorkdale have special services and promotions in place, and even we are working on a special Black Friday sale just for you! Even though 80% of Canadians surveyed said they were going to take advantage of Black Friday specials this year, we can’t imagine the shopping event getting much crazier than in the states. People get trampled, morals go out the window and there’s even a website dedicated to Black Friday’s death count.

Here are the 10 craziest things that have ever happened on Black Friday:

1. A Woman Uses Stun Gun at Black Friday Sale in Philadelphia


2. This year in California, these two customers lined up 22 days before Black Friday at Best Buy to ensure they got those doorbuster deals. Read the full story here.


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3. These Girls Fight over a T.V at Walmart


4. When customers take matters into their own hands

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5. This Black Friday Stampede

black friday stampede

6. A full grown adult fighting with a child and his grandma

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7. This woman gave birth at Walmart on a Black Friday

black friday baby

8. Stealing right off of someone’s lap

Image via Reddit

Image via Reddit

9. When this New York Improv Group pranked a 99 cent store


10. Someone Gets Bear-Maced over fleece fabric

Image via Reddit

Image via Reddit

 What are the craziest Black Friday stories you’ve heard or experienced? Let us know in the comments below!

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