When I applied to go to fashion school five years ago, everyone told me to get out. That there was no money in the industry and that I should get into a career that was more reliable. Well, I know that money can’t buy happiness and that there are also no guarantees that I’ll be a billionaire any time soon, but here’s a list of the 10 richest people in the fashion industry according to Forbes to inspire all of us in this industry, that there’s hope for us yet!


 1. Amancia Ortega. This 77 year old is the man behind Zara and the chairman of the Textile Empire Inditex. He was ranked the 3rd richest man by Forbes with a net worth of $57 billion (Image source: Fashion Bomb Daily)


2. Bernard Arnault. This French businessman merged fashion house, Louis Vuitton with the cognac manufacturer, Moët Hennessy in 1987 to form the luxury group, LVMH. At a net worth of $29 billion, he is the 10th richest man in the world. (Image source: WWD)


3. Stefan Person is the founder of the fast-fashion line we all know and love, H&M. At a net worth of $28 billion, he is the 12th richest billionaire and the 1st richest in Sweden. (Image source: Baligubadle Media)


4. Miuccia Prada. At a net worth of $12.4 billion, she ranked 78th on Forbes 2013 billionaire list and is in the top 10 Women billionaires list. If you haven’t guessed, she is the owner and designer of Miu Miu and Prada. (Image source: The Times UK)


5. Giorgio Armani started working in fashion in the early 1950’s and today he is number 131 on the list of Forbes billionaires of 2013. At a net worth of $8.5 billion and Italy’s most successful designer in 2001. It’s no surprise that he’s so tan, he must be vacationing all the time! (Image source: Fashion Bi)

Prix De Diane Longines At Hippodrome Chantilly

6. Alain and Gerard Wertheimer. The brothers share the spot of number 145 on Forbes billionaires list. The duo own the House of Chanel and have a net worth of $8 billion. (Image source: Jewish Business News)


7. Ralph Lauren. The American fashion designer and business man is number 166 on the Forbes billionaires list and has a net worth of $7 billion. (Image source: Crains New York)


8. Patrizio Bertelli. Behind every succesful man, is a better woman. At number 175 on the Forbes billionaire list is the CEO of Prada S.p.A and husband of Miuccia Prada. (Image source: Il Giornale del Lusso)


9. Renzo Rosso was the owner of Diesel S.p.A, the Italian ready-to-wear design company. He has a net worth of $3 billion and ranks at number 458 on Forbes billionaires list. (Image Source: Interview Magazine)


10. Nicolas Puech. Look at that horse! That is definitely the horse of a man thats net worth is $2.1 billion. Puech is a descendant of Thierry Hermes, the legendary luxury luggage and handbag designer. Today, he is number 704 on Forbes billionaires list. (Image source: Forbes)

Source: Forbes

Opening image source: Wired


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