If you love shopping and need new game for your phone to keep you busy on those boring TTC rides home from work, then we have the perfect app for you. Fashion Eye is a free app that was released just two days ago. It combines competition with fashion knowledge and shopping. Think The Price is Right but with trendy clothing and accessories.

Once you create an account, the app allows you to choose a style you’re interested in competing in. The styles include themes like “Americana” or “Classic Chic”, accessories like handbags or sunglasses and celebrity style, such as Kristen Stewart or Beyonce. You’re then able to pick from a selection of players to compete against and must decide which of two items is more expensive. In between games, the app feeds your fix of fashion knowledge by giving you tips and fun facts.

If you see an item you really like, you can “luv” the item. It then gets added to a list of items that you “luv” and you have the options to share it on Facebook or buy it! If you choose to purchase the item, the app will redirect you the retailer that stocks it. It’s definitely an innovative move in terms of e-commerce and a cool way to find trends for less. I would be interested in seeing how many retailers hop on board and how it will affect their sales but in the mean time, I’d definitely suggest it to my fellow shop-a-holics. I’ve only had it for a few hours but I’m already addicted!

Will Fashion Eye be your new game of choice?

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