As an individual who is like totally stressed out all the time (I’m like seriously stressed right now even writing this!), I was pleased as punch to hear that Lululemon has customers like me in mind. Recently the brand has announced that they are selling Practice Patience Mala Beads that will “help focus the mind and set a mantra or intention in mediation, inspiring us to practice patience and #Givepresence everyday”.  WOW!

Adorned with the Lululemon corporate logo and priced at $108, I’m like 99 per cent positive that this will bring relaxation to anyone who decides to purchase. I honestly don’t know how anyone managed to do Yoga or stay relaxed without the beads.

Here is a great customer comments from Lulu’s product page, describing the joys and benefits of the Patience Beads.

Titled: Cried
January 9, 2015
“I bought the mala beads to help my compassion and my work out spirit. I was so excited. I wore them to the gym, but all of my work out buddies laughed at me.
I don’t feel the spirit. This did not help my life. $100 wasted plus the boxes of tissues I had to buy. The tassle even fell off, which was my favourite part.”
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