If you’ve never heard of a life-hack, your life is about to get a whole lot easier. Life-hacks are quick and efficient solutions to many of our first world problems. You may not realize, but there are tons of unsuspected household products that can help us rid of stains, clutter, wrinkles and also save us tons of cash! We’ve lined up 14 of the best fashion hacks around, check them out below – you won’t regret it!

1. Don’t cry over pilled clothing.

There is nothing more annoying than when your favourite sweater or t-shirt gathers little balls of fabric on it. Pilling is caused by wear and happens due to abrasion. Instead of saying sayonara to your favourite pieces or picking off those annoying balls one-by-one, just take a razor to them instead! Check out the youtube video above and watch magic happen.

2. Spinning is Winning. Use a salad spinner to dry delicate & small hand-washed items.

3. No space for a steamer at home? No problem. Ironing can be tedious and not everyone has a steamer handy at home, so what do you do instead? Well shower steam of course! All you have to do is hang your clothing on a wooden hanger close to your shower. Make sure your bathroom is completely sealed off and that your shower head is turned away from your clothing. Turn on your shower and make sure the water is hot. Get out of the bathroom, shut the door and wait 15 minutes. Your clothing should be wrinkle free! An alternative method is to wet a rag and throw your wrinkled item in the dryer with the wet rag for 15-20 minutes.

4. Put a stop to shedding. You can actually prevent an Angora sweater from shedding by throwing it in the freezer for a few hours.

5. Never lose a sock again. Maybe you always lose your socks in the wash or maybe you’re like my boyfriend and never pair your socks after a wash, but safety pinning your socks will make putting away your laundry so much easier! They’ll stay together in the wash and then as soon as they’re clean you can keep them pinned so they stay a pair. 

6. Bye-bye Blisters. Breaking in a pair of new (non-leather) shoes doesn’t have to be painful. Avoid blisters by filling two Ziploc bags full of water. Place them in the inside of your shoes and leave in the freezer overnight. The water will expand as it turns to ice, stretching out your shoes real nice!

7. Save cash on dryer sheets. This might sound crazy, but instead of using a dryer sheet, crumple up a piece of aluminum foil and throw it into your dryer with your wet clothes. Never spend a dime on dryer sheets again and say bye-bye to static.

8. Never fear or veer from greasy foods again. Leave baby powder on an oil stain over night and wash as you normally would, the stain should disappear!

9. Don’t ruin your pricey denim! If your spending a lot of money on denim, you’ll want to preserve it’s colour and stretch for as long as possible. Machine washing your denim will fade the dye and throwing your denim into a dryer will melt the elastic and deplete it over time. The best thing you can do is to soak your denim in a water & vinegar mixture. Once your denim dries, the vinegar smell will disappear. If you’ve got a pair of stinky denim, throw them into the freezer and leave them there over night. Freezing your jeans will kill the bacteria that causes odour. (Source, Image source)

10. Never let a pen ruin your outfit again! Just when we thought pen ink was a stain we’d never get rid of, someone came up with a solution! All you have to do is throw some hand sanitizer onto the ink and let it soak for about 10-15 minutes. Once you’ve let it soak in, throw it into the washing machine with hot water and your regular laundry detergent.

11. Lint roll away your problems. There are always crumbs or sugar at the bottom of my bag and it really sucks reaching in and getting that stuff all over your hands. Dump everything out of your purse first, then turn you bag inside out or pull the lining out and roll your lint roller over it, your purse/bag will be clean in no time!

12. Put your pop tab collection to good use. 


Maximize closet space or create outfits with this nifty trick! (Source)

13. Don’t be ashamed to throw your hands up in the air. Pit stains got you down? Don’t fret. All you need to get rid of them is some dish soap and hydrogen peroxide. Mix one part dish soap with two parts of hydrogen peroxide and apply to your stains. Let it sit for an hour, throw your shirt in the wash and you should be good to go! (Source)

14. Never get the runs again! If you have a pull or hole in your panty hose, throw some clear nail polish on top to stop it from getting any bigger.


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