Compare photos of Toronto from 1970 to present time and you’ll see how much Ontario’s capital has changed. Some call the decade of the 70s the birth of Toronto’s modern downtown as it’s when buildings like Commerce Court West, First Canadian Place, The CN Tower, and the Eaton Centre were structured. Today our city is full of cleaner streets, skyscrapers, big box retailers, and even new TTC streetcars. While a lot has changed, one thing that hasn’t is the Torontonian’s sense of style. We recently stumbled across a collection of photos of street style on Yonge Street from the 1970s and we must say, everyone is lookin’ pretty good – no surprise from one of Canada’s most stylish cities. Though buildings and times have changed, you’ll notice some of the 70s style has been carried on to current times and can probably be picked up at one of many vintage shops in Toronto!

Check out our gallery of 1970s fashion in Toronto below:

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