You probably remember playing dress up with your mother’s clothing when you were little – trying on all the shoes and dresses that were too big. To this day, I still love playing dress up with my own wardrobe and (to the annoyance of sales staff) in store fitting rooms, but my greatest days of dress up ain’t got nothin’ on this next girl’s dress up game.

paper-dress-daughter @2sister_angie

Instagram user, @2sisters_angie, started off as your average mom on Instagram. Her feed consisted of photos of her daughter, called Mayhem, at the park, eating breakfast and tons of photos of her daughter playing dress-up. Then one day Angie got sick of finding her clothing scattered around the home and in her daughter’s toy box. She decided to let Mayhem design her own outfits out of paper… the results have literally blown my mind.

paper-dress-4-year-old @2sisters_angie

With the help of her mother – who told the Huffington Post that design ideas are a 50/50 split – Mayhem creates beautiful gowns out of tissue paper, gift bags, wrapping paper, construction paper, and the occasional scarf. Her most recent creations have been runway and award show inspired. Paper Bag Princess, eat your heart out – Mayhem is bringing her A-game.

2sisters_angie-paper-dress-daughter @2sisters_angie 2sister_angie-papers-dress-daughter @2sisters_angie 2sister_angie-paper-dress-daughter @2sisters_angie 2sister_angie-paper-dress-daughter-3 2sister_angie-paper-dress-daughter-2

Mayhem has definitely got a whole lot of talent. I hope she keeps designing, because I’d definitely wear one of her creations!

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