Yorkdale has just announced that they have had the best sales in Canadian Shopping centre history.  Early this morning Yorkdale released their sales number which reached $1.2 Billion and generated a record $1,610 per-square-foot making Yorkdale one of the highest sales-volume areas for retailers in Toronto.

We reached out to Lucia Connor, Director of Marketing at Yorkdale Shopping Centre to find out why Yorkdale has been so successful as of late.

“2015 was a banner year for Yorkdale and our retailers, who are the real champions of this success. We curated an interesting range of pop-up shops including BRIKA, Drake General Store and Kit & Ace over the holiday season. 2015 also saw the opening of Jamie’s Italian Restaurant, Gerry Weber and Alex and Ani. With plans to expand even further this year, we’re slated for a great 2016 as well, as we prepare to open a 300,000 square foot east expansion that will be anchored by a nearly 200,000 square foot Nordstrom as well as a wing with up to 27 new stores which will include Uniqlo.”

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    The team at Oxford has been nimble enough to recognize some fantastic brands that have been bright stars in the independent retail space. Drake General Store and Brika have been stars on my list that I have fully supported over the years. This is just one of the great things that Oxford has been doing in making Yorkdale the number 1 shopping centre and its well deserved for their savvy thinking when it comes to strategic partnerships.

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