If you haven’t heard, Toronto based designer Sarah Stevenson has recently released great news! The Toronto Fashion Incubator New Labels Competition winner will be collaborating with retail giant Target for an exclusive collaboration. We’ve gotten quite smitten with the collection available March 23rd, Here’s why you need to check it out!

1) Target Canada is working with a great Toronto based designer to produce an amazing collection. It brings attention the the great design talent that is Sarah Stevenson and spotlights the strength of the Toronto and Canadian design industry.

2) The collection is truly stunning! Richly hued floral patterns mixed with a sophisticated feminine style are equally sexy and timeless.

3) Let’s be honest… The Price! Out of the 12 pieces shown in the gallery, the most expensive one is $59.99!

4) It’s will be one of the most coveted items of the season. Available for a limited time only, expect a big buzz and some lineups, but if you love to shop it’s a rush!

5) The collection is fun, funky and super-wearable! (The only down-side is that we guarantee you will be at a party this spring with people in the exact same outfit as you, but heck when the clothes look this good who cares?)

You can shop the collection at select Target stores starting March 23rd. We’ll a list up on the blog shortly.

Happy shopping !!!



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