Everyone’s trying to shove their way to the front of the line for the fountain of youth because they all know that aging is inevitable! Unfortunately, what they don’t know is that this fountain of youth doesn’t actually exist, however, there are tons of ways we can prevent wrinkles and sagging skin from happening too soon. If you can’t afford collagen injections or Botox and are looking for a way to age gracefully check out our scary facts and ways you can prevent them below.

1. More facial expressions, more wrinkles. We’re not telling you to stop smiling or laughing, but regardless of age or genetics, the first wrinkles to appear on your face are the ones made by repeated facial expressions. That’s why laugh lines, frown lines, forehead folds and crow’s-feet are so common.

2. Sleeping causes wrinkles. With age, connective tissue and collagen in your face gets weaker. So, if you prefer to sleep on one side of your face, switch it up! Sleeping repeatedly on one side of you face will prevent your skin from being able to bounce back and smooth out as easily as it did when you were young. Try reversing your positions or sleeping on your back to avoid this problem.

3. People who suffer from stress, smoke and/or tan are more likely to exhibit signs of premature aging. This is no secret. It’s been hammered into our heads since we were young and it’ll be drilled into our brains till the day we die. Keep calm and don’t get your tan and smoke on! Cut down or quit smoking and make sure to wear sunscreen everyday!

4. Anti-aging products don’t reverse aging. Many people make the mistake of using anti-aging creams when they start to see wrinkles however, anti-aging products are only meant to slow down the process. Which means it’s never really too early to start using anti-aging creams, just keep in mind that…

5. Elastin and collagen start breaking down in your 30s. This means that your skin starts loosing it’s firmness and in your 30 years of life, you’ve sustained tons of damaging factors like UV rays, free radicals and pollutants.

Don’t be scared though! Taking care of your skin isn’t as difficult as it may sound and there are tons of affordable products on the market by brands like Clinique, Lancome & Elizabeth Grant to help you and your skin through your journey. Keep your eyes on the blog for anti-aging product reviews coming soon!

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