You’ve already seen our list of the worst costume choices for 2015, so we’ll skip right over the infamous ‘Call me Caitlyn’ Vanity Fair Cover costume and delve right into less controversial (but still fun) DIY costumes for Halloween 2015:

1. Fifty Shades of Grey

Plan a quick trip to your nearest paint store and grab a gazillion grey paint tabs.


2. Taxidermy Deer

Sounds weird, but it’s kinda cute (and super easy to DIY!). Get full DIY instructions here.


3. Is it Blue or White?

Who can forget about that infamous blue or white dress that made pretty much broke the internet? This Halloween, why not confuse people even more and go as both?


4. Chick Magnet

Channel your inner chick magnet with this attractive costume design that all the chicks will surely dig. Get full DIY instructions here.


5. Plato or Play-doh?

This genius costume will surely get people’s attention and instantly win you all the costume competitions. All you need is a couple of sheets, yellow bristol board, a wig, a red marker and red hat!

via Buzzfeed

via Buzzfeed


6. Walter White

Forget the Hazmat suit, go for the classic Walter White ensemble with this ridiculously clever (and easy) getup.

7. Up!

This costume will surely give the kids a good giggle and probably all the adults, too! It’s as simple as a cardboard house and a bunch of helium balloons. Get full DIY instructions here.

Do you have any other simple DIY costumes for Halloween we should check out? Share them below!

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