If you’re looking for a way to boost your style, a great and easy way to amp up any look is to get a killer set of eyewear. If you have ever been to one of those mall boutiques good luck finding a good set of frames + lenses for under $250. Trust me I’ve looked. So I was excited to hear about BonLook.

BonLook is a woman-owned Canadian eyewear brand based out of Montreal. They produce men’s and women’s fashion forward eyewear made in North America. Bon Look produces both prescription and non-prescription glasses and have received critical acclaim at events such as SXSW and the Texas Style Council.

One of the most interesting things about BonLook, is that they produce a new set of glasses each month, keeping their collection fresh and current. The only thing better than their selection and styling, is the price. You can get frames (lenses included!) for around  $100.

No need to worry about buying your glasses online. They offer the ability to take a photo with your webcam and see how different glasses work on your face.

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