The ability to take the common, and make it extraordinary seems to be easy for the dudes from Toronto-based design studio NEEDS&WANTS. The simple yet instantly recognizable twist of using only one leather sleeve on their varsity jackets has brought Sean Brown and Sid Singh worldwide accolades that continues to build momentum.

The newest NEEDS&WANTS projects sees the team take a similar approach to the almost ubiquitous flannel. The simple change of elongating the shirt and adding a fishtail (a long fabric addition to back waist of coat or shirt – originally worn on parkas by the U.S. military in the Korean War) gives the NEEDS&WANTS unisex flannel a modern but timeless upgrade.  Although we don’t yet have a firm date on when you can expect to see the shirts in the NEEDS&WANTS online shop, we can tell you that if they are anything like their varsity jackets, they will sell fast.



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