Downtown Driving with the Acura RDX

How does the Acura RDX hold up in the city? Read our review to find out what it’s like on gas, in bumper-to-bumper traffic, with bikers zooming by, parallel parking & more.

Driving in the city can get tricky. While it definitely has its advantages, there are plenty of disadvantages that follow. To be honest, my past experiences with cars (just ask my boyfriend,) hasn’t always been the best and I had almost given up my dreams of owning a car in the city until I had the unique opportunity to test drive the Acura RDX.

acura rdx

You’re probably wondering, ‘why this car?’ and ‘what makes it so special?’. I wondered the exact same thing until I drove it. If you live in the GTA, you know that Toronto isn’t exactly the most car-friendly city. Bikers swoosh past and get too close, parallel parking is pretty much the only parking available and traffic is almost always stop-and-go.

acura rdx

Though I normally feel uneasy driving around Toronto, the Acura RDX made me feel safe, comfortable and stylish to boot. One of the main reasons for this was AcuraWatch™. Every time I veered out of my lane, got too close to another car or object, AcuraWatch™ had my back and would beep to warn me. Getting too close to bikers or bumpers in stop-and-go traffic was never an issue, and the back camera made it simple to parallel park into even the tiniest of spots.

acura rdx

The Acura RDX‘s built in navigation system made it easy to travel from point A to B, and trust me, I was doing a lot of it. With sale season starting at StyleDemocracy and Toronto Fashion Week happening simultaneously, the Acura RDX came at the perfect time. For almost an entire week, I drove from Liberty Village to North York to the Nordstrom Warehouse Sale in Mississauga and back downtown to Toronto Fashion Week. The best part about it? Gas was super cheap. A full tank lasted almost an entire week and at 95.9 cents a litre, the Acura RDX cost me only $40 to fill.


Aside from the aforementioned features, what I liked most was how roomy and luxurious the interior of the Acura RDX felt. The leather interior was soft and comfortable. There was plenty of leg room for my passengers and plenty of trunk space for all my Nordstrom Warehouse Sale finds (and believe me, there were a lot of them!).

If you’re looking to pick up a new ride, I’d definitely suggest giving the Acura RDX a spin.

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