It’s a question that we ask ourselves every once in a while, how to afford the luxurious things in life without necessarily breaking the bank?

Whilst the glamorous lifestyle was once reserved for Hollywood stars, it’s now been made a little easier to attain thanks to the rise of the sharing economy and some great tips from the world of interiors and fashion!

Live like a king

Although we might not be able to afford a permanent residence in a luxury Manhattan loft, we can at least act the part for a couple of days thanks to the rise of accommodation sharing sites like Airbnb.

This has revolutionised the modern holiday experience so that whether you want to stay in a Victorian castle in Toronto, or prefer renting your own tropical island, it’s now easier than ever to live like a king – at least for a couple of days!

Home luxuries

And even if you can’t afford that luxury hotel break, you can always add a touch of that highly sought-after hotel chic to your own living space.

Getting the boutique hotel style bedroom has been a big thing in interiors recently, and it’s a concept that hasn’t been lost on bed retailers like Bedstar who’ve helpfully provided a range of zip and link beds that are often found in hotels so that we can all get the luxury – and convenience – of the boutique hotel experience whilst staying at home!

Everyday opulence

Once you’ve sorted out your interiors, then it’s merely a matter of upgrading your own personal look. And whilst most of us aren’t going to be able to afford the best in haute couture, there’s been a rise in brands like Rent The Runway who give us mere mortals the chance to rent out the most desirable fashion outfits for just a day or two.

It’s a concept that’s been applied to a huge range of products so that you can get the ride you’ve always dreamed of, whether it’s renting a Ford Mustang for a day, or even just using Zipcar to hunt down the most glamorous vehicle to share in your area.

Finally, once you’ve furnished your home with the finest in zip and link beds and assembled your most luxurious outfit, it’s time to find the social occasion that’s worthy of your high-class efforts. And we all know that home-cooked food is the best, so why not find the best in local cooking with the EatWith app so that you can enjoy the best things in life without making yourself bankrupt!

How do you add a touch of luxury to everyday life?

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