With thousands of fashion accessories hitting the market every year, it’s always refreshing to to see a brand come out with a product that actually has your best interests in mind. Let us introduce you to the Fleecer GEN 1 and Fleecer LOOP– the world’s first anti-bacterial scarf designed for public transit, developed in Canada by Adrianian. Adrianian and Fleecer are the brain-child of Toronto based creative Adrian Wu.

A few years ago, an Anti-Microbial wicking agent was developed to be used in fabric, creating fabrics that repel bacteria at a microscopic level. This technology has been harnessed by Adrianian to be engineered into Fleecer.

Fleecer is a 50% cotton 50% synthetic based fabric that is processed with an Anti-Microbial Wicking Agent and then pre-shrunk. This fabric is woven into a seamless loop. An industrial YKK Zipper is added to both ends to create Fleecer GEN 1. The scarf is two meters in length and two meters looped to create a tube of fleecer that offers a scarf with significant warmth and weight. The Fleecer LOOP is made the same way but it is only 1 meter in length and 2 meters looped without a YKK Zipper.

Due to Fleecer’s Anti-bacterial properties the scarf has defined a new category of clothing. Dubbed Transit-wear, Fleecer’s current objective is cold and flu prevention. Through recent research, it has been highlighted that taking transit is one of the top ways to be exposed to the cold and flu virus .The brand is focuses on providing clothing based solutions that are practical and functional for an urban population.

Adrianian Canadian is also launching an online store where Fleecer GEN 1 and Fleecer LOOP are available now (both for under $100). Free shipping is offered to all those living in Canada. International shipping is also available. All scarves are packaged in a bio-degradable back pack.

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