Dr. Martens is at it again – collaborating with British model, Agyness Deyn, on her fourth capsule collection with the British retailer for spring/summer 14. Last season, the collection was all about Agyness Deyn’s personal take on the mod era and this season the collection highlights some of the most prominent trends for spring/summer 14, such as prints & patchwork. Agyness Deyn looks to combine classic American sportswear with the Californian surf culture of the 70s.

It’s great to have the freedom to play in so many style camps with the Docs girl. I was obsessing over the euphoria of summer and found that Docs has roots all the way into the early Venice Beach hardcore scene. This inspiration is extremely laid-back, low key beach rat,” says Agyness Deyn

Highlights include a 30’s inspired Eisenhower jacket made with lightweight blue linen, contrast oxblood suede pockets, coconut buttons and a signature Hawaiian print lining. As well as baseball inspired lace-to-toe boots featuring floral and palm-tree patches at the ankle as part of the footwear offering.

Look for this Agyness Deyn collection to drop in Dr.Martens retail stores this month and check out the gallery below!

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