As someone who is constantly looking for a deal, I’d call myself a bit of a reward point fiend. I’m well aware of all the best rewards programs out there and how to maximize my savings (whether it be for a free birthday gift or cash back on my purchase).

Believe it or not, Air Miles is the one rewards program that has never really been on my radar, until recently. This past December, Air Miles got into some hot water over placing a five-year expiry on any unused points, and then changing their mind after a ton of members redeemed their points for rewards that they felt pressured to claim. Which made me think: should I still be collecting Air Miles?   

Something my parents collected, I always considered Air Miles to be the loyalty program that never quite resulted in a tangible reward (what are ‘Dream Rewardsanyways?). While I’ve been an Air Miles member for as long as I can remember (I think my parents even signed me up,) I barely touched my card unless I was hitting up an LCBO.

Since moving to a neighbourhood where I have a Metro within walking distance, I’ve felt the urge to reach for my Air Miles card more frequently, in order to accumulate whatever ‘Cash Rewards’ my grocery haul would result in. With talk of Metro possibly dropping their affiliation with Air Miles, I wanted to look into what I was really earning as an active cardholder. Let’s use Rexall as an example…

Let’s say I shopped at Rexall on the reg… For every $20 I spend at Rexall (excluding any promotional offers), I can earn 1 Air Mile. In order to earn a $10 ‘Cash Reward’, I would need to redeem 95 points (earned by spending roughly $1,900 at Rexall). Seriously? Well, $20 x 95 points = $1,900.

Unless my math is completely off, I don’t see a real benefit to actively collect Air Miles. Not only are Air Miles sponsors (retailers where you can earn points) few and far between, but I’ve found that credit cards tied to a travel rewards program result in the highest dividends when it comes to redeeming for free travel.

Do you think collecting Air Miles rewards are still worth it? Let us know in the comment section.

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