The Toronto Light Festival takes place January 27th until March 12th, 2017 in The Distillery District. Featuring local and international artists, exhibits will be on display comprised of their work. The festival will use Canadian winter and its dark days as a backdrop for the festival allowing people to experience Toronto “in a way they never have before”. The festival is said to have one idea lasting 45 days on 13 acres of land shown over 44 buildings using thousands of lights costing $0.00 to attend. The festival’s aim is to lift the collective spirit of the city of Toronto because “winter sucks” and to create a positive message in contrast to so many dark and ominous messages.

Light Art as defined by The Toronto Light Festival: “Art becomes light art when light forms the primary means or medium of expression. This relatively new art form includes a wide variety of ways light can be influenced. Light art pieces usually emit or manipulate light, colours and shadows in creative ways.”

For more information, event details and more – head over to the Toronto Light Festival Website

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