Today Amazon announced that it will offer free same-day shipping to customers with Prime memberships in Toronto and Vancouver. The only stipulation for the free same day shipping is a minimum order of $25 or less.

While not every item sold on Amazon will be available for same-day delivery, Amazon touts that there will be close to 1 million products available to Torontonians and 700,000 available for Vancouver customers.

Amazon Prime currently costs $79.99 in Canada, however, we get a lot less than our American counterparts who only have to pay $10.99 for the service but also get access to Amazon’s music and video streaming service.  Something that may end up being rolled out for Canadians as the announcement that Shomi will be closed down by November.

Current users of Amazon prime will be very happy as having same day delivery is extremely convenient and caters to the growing buying power of the millennial demographic.


image source: Amazon

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