American Apparel is known for their controversial ads and models, but some would say their newest window is really pushing boundaries! Earlier today, the Gothamist reported on the mannequins they spotted at the American Apparel on East Houston Street in New York. The mannequins of topic are seen above wearing sheer high-waisted panties with natural looking pubic hair. When the Gothamist contacted the store, the employee that picked up the phone stated that the display went up last night and that he had never seen mannequins “in this configuration before”.

You may remember that American Apparel was under fire last year for their  “Period” shirt, which features a vivid drawing of a masturbating, menstruating vagina by photographer and artist, Petra Collins. American Apparel described it as “self-pleasing artwork”. Shortly after the release of the shirt, Collins had her Instagram account banned and removed for a photo of herself in front of a sparkly background, sporting bikini bottoms and an unshaved bikini line. Perhaps this is Dov Charney’s way of supporting feminism and Collins or maybe it’s just another attention-grabbing marketing scheme.

What do you think of American Apparel’s new mannequins?



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