Lightened skin, darkened skin, skinnier legs, longer necks – we’ve seen it all done on photoshop and thrown into our faces through magazines and new media. Though we can’t deny that the women we see in those advertisements are beautiful, we also can’t deny the fact that it alters our perspectives on what real, everyday women look like making it no secret that our sense of body confidence is highly influenced by the images of female beauty portrayed in media. That’s why it’s totally refreshing to see American Eagle‘s lingerie line, Aerie‘s, newest campaign, #AerieReal.

aerie-real-4 aerie-real-5

#AerieReal is the spring 2014 campaign that is pushing the boundaries of beauty by challenging supermodel standards. The ads feature untouched models – imperfections, beauty marks, tattoos and all. “It’s a selling point because our customers represent this great demographic and they don’t get to see what girls their age really look like” Jenny Altman, Aerie’s style and fit expert, told ABC News. The brand has also made big changes to their website, meaning the next time you search for a DD bra, you’ll see an actual size DD woman wearing it to get a better idea of what you’d look like in the bra.

aerie-real-2 aerie-real-1

Though this is just one ad campaign that salutes the real girl, it’s a big step into the right direction and we can’t wait to see other retailers adapt their ads to this type of marketing.

Source: Huffington Post

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