The day has finally arrived. The highly anticipated collection for H&M by none other than VOGUE Japan editor-at-large and street style queen Anna Dello Russo will be revealed today. Dello Russo’s vibrant, bold, and look-at-me attitude shines throughout the accessory collection. Fitting to her own life, accessories are a main focus, an ode to her Italian upbringings where women showcase their bangles and baubles in any setting. The take no prisoners approach to fashion is immortalized in the chunky gold bangles, glitzy clutches, alligator imprinted sun glasses, and of course, the iconic head pieces she dons regularly. In the interview below, she states that fashion “is my language, my alphabet….I am the  guardian of fashion.” Strong assertions from one of the few individuals who truly lives and breathes fashion.  A definite must-have for myself is the turquoise blue luggage case, an addition not usually seen in an accessory collection. But not at all out of the ordinary for Dello Russo, who always outwears the clothes herself. Hopefully this will spark the start of a new trend for H&M in the near future of design collaborations. Style bloggers, social media extraordinaire’s, and street style gurus are the emerging fashion crowd whose influence has reached celebrity levels. Good luck to the masses scratching and clawing for a piece of this collection, I’ll be right there with you.

Anna Dello Russo for H&M will be available only at H&M locations on Bloor St. W., the Toronto Eaton Centre, and Yorkdale shopping centre.

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