Can you believe it? We’ve made it through the winter and (fingers crossed) it’ll be spring soon! We’ve got warmer weather and World MasterCard Fashion week coming up, which means we’ve got to look our best to impress. One of my style icons is none other then Vogue Japan’s editor-at-large and creative consultant, Anna Dello Russo. If you don’t know the name, you’ve definitely seen her face in magazines and street style blogs – She’s got an outrageously glamourous style and has even been quoted as saying that she doesn’t get dressed in outfits less than $50,000! Don’t you wish you had that luxury? Well actually, you do (sort-of.)


Anna Dello Russo recently posted a photo of herself in a pair of ah-maze blue sunglasses on Instagram. We did a bit of snooping and found said glasses by Etnia Barcelona, a global brand that specializes in environmentally-friendly and sustainable specs. The pair that Russo sports is from their newest collection, International Klein Blue. If you love the glasses like me, don’t worry about spending $50,000 to get the look because they retail in stores like Eyes on Church and Josephson in Toronto, Robson Optical in Vancouver and online at for around 300 bucks a pop.


About Etnia Barcelona:

Etnia Barcelona brand was founded in 2003, by then 23 year old David Pellicer, with the goal of being the most creative and colourful brand in the international optical industry. With full control over design, production and logistics and the motto “Impersonality Kills”, Etnia Barcelona has become a pioneer in colour development and study and offers a world of possibilities in eyewear. The brand name, Etnia, was intended to call to mind a group of people defined by personality rather than their social groups or classes. Etnia strives to create and environmentally-friendly and sustainable product and help make society better through the donation of glasses (an average of 25,000 per year) and sales percentages on select collections.

About International Klein Blue Collection:

The International Klein Blue Collection began with an encounter between the designers at Etnia Barcelona and the Yves Klein Archives representing Yves Klein’s heir, at the brand offices in Barcelona. The Klein Blue colour has been used by the Fashion Industry for decades, but this is the first time that Yves Klein Archives has authorized a brand the use of the unique color patented by Yves Klein himself. The collection was exhibited at the Paris concept store Colette and has been spotted on fashion influencers such as editor-at-large of Vogue Japan Anna Dello Russo.

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