If you’ve ever been to a house party, it’s hard not to notice that the shindig usually always ends up in the Kitchen. Maybe it’s because it’s the closest place to the fridge which houses delicious cold beer, or maybe it’s because kitchen lighting is usually the best, or maybe it’s because the kitchen really is the heartbeat of the home.

It doesn’t matter why the kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in the house, the only thing that matters is that you give your kitchen the love it deserves.

Let us introduce you to Appliance Love, the new standard in luxury appliance showrooms offering a “red carpet level” of customer service.  This new mecca for appliances was designed by Toronto’s acclaimed design firm the DesignAgency and is located at 950 Dupont street in the Toronto Dupont design district.


The experience at Appliance Love is remarkably different than other appliance showrooms. The large street-facing windows were created to artfully showcase display elements, similar to a department store. In the front window spins an eye-catching washer and dryer sitting atop a six-foot red-soled stiletto heel. Upon entering the space, clients are not bombarded with brand logos, instead they experience the new face of appliance design and integration.

“We’re excited to create a new blueprint for appliance showrooms,” said Marco Tallarico, president and founder, Appliance Love. “Merging technology and design is the future of the modern kitchen, a traditional retail atmosphere doesn’t cut it anymore. Appliances are the heart of every home and we believe that every home needs a heart.”

About Appliance Love:


Appliance Love showcases over 23 of the world’s leading appliance brands including Miele, Monogram, Liebherr and Sub-Zero and Wolf. The showroom is about learning and discovering the latest in design, technology and health. One of the feature products is the Urban Cultivator, an intuitive indoor grow machine that cultivates a long list of herbs, microgreens, vegetables and flowers – the perfect partner for at-home juicing. The showroom also boasts a variety of steam ovens, the new standard in healthy cooking. Appliance Love is the only in-store retailer in Canada to carry Door Filter, a patented filter that reduces dust, allergens, noise and light caused by corridor pressure – ideal for condo living.

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