We’ve seen a lot of ugly shoes in our days, but we may have found the ugliest. They’re not Crocs and they’re not those Vibram Five Fingers toe shoes… They’re a hybrid of a cowboy boot and a flip-flop, with a gladiator sandal type of feel. Allow us to introduce you to the Redneck Boot Sandal. They are perfect for those days where your shins need support, but your toes need to breathe… aka never.

The boots were dreamt up by a man named Scotty Franklin while he was sitting on the beach. The sandals are currently in production, but for $50 + $25 shopping, Franklin will take your boots and rework them into a Redneck Boot Sandal. Apparently, lots of “gals are getting them for weddings and special events,” and they’ve already made appearances at “the rodeo, lake, beach, dressing and casual occasions”. Here they are in the Dominican Republic:

ugliest shoes ever


They’re perfect for couples too…

ugliest shoes ever


Do you think these are the ugliest shoes ever? Or are there worse? Comment below!

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