This morning my alarm went off, I hit snooze and carried on with my typical morning routine of lurking Instagram and seeing what all the people I follow were up to while I was asleep. There was the typical slur of Fashion Week photos and then suddenly… A blank pink screen from¬†Aritzia. Then another blank pink screen from Aritzia. My first thought was that maybe Aritzia’s people had been pocket Instagramming, but then I investigated further.

Aritzia has created an exclusive Spring ’14 lookbook, especially for Instagram under the username @AritziaLookbook. The enter lookbook is 510 images and 42 screens long – which is, in my opinion, a really cool way to market their new spring merch. You can peep a few Spring ’14 lookbook photos online, but it’s an entirely different experience than on Instagram. Check it out for yourself above –¬†What do you think about this marketing tactic? Let us know in the comments below.

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