A few days ago, the StyleDemocracy team hosted the opening party for Artemano at the stylish CF Shops at Don Mills. The new Artemano is absolutely stunning, it’s truly an experience to simply walk through the store. What struck us was the attention to detail and the beautiful selection of wood that appears throughout out every piece of Artemano furniture.  As one of the founders of Artemano, Eyal Shoam described the furniture in the store perfectly and poetically: “Nature comes up with the concepts, we design it into functional art”.

This is the fourth Artemano location in the GTA and the third store that Artemano has opened in 2015.  The rapid expansion and success is due largely in part to the quality of Artemano furniture and the price! While comparable furniture can be found it often comes with price tags that are more suitable for a Bay Street CEO than a family looking for an amazing dining room table.  Artemano differs in the fact that the furniture looks and is made luxuriously, but due to fair trade practices, Artemano is able to produce furniture and sell it to consumers at a reasonable and fair price.

The CF Shops at Don Mills location is a perfect destination for anyone looking to upgrade the look of their living space with high-quality wood furniture.  Whether you’re looking for a new dining room table, or are simply into beautiful design the new Artemano store is definitely a destination you should consider.

Take a look and visit Artemano online


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