Halloween is a great time that encourages us to explore our creativity, but sometimes that creativity can get people into trouble. Here are some of the most controversial costumes that are best to avoid this Halloween:

“Call me Caitlyn”

While it might by wildly funny to some people, it’s always best to choose a costume that will not affect anyone’s sensitivities. Avoid this costume here:


“Cecil the Lion Killer”

Too bloody awful and way too disturbing. No one needs to be reminded of this horrific act and to perpetuate it as a costume – that’s just sheer insensitive. Avoid this costume here:

“Steve Jobs”

Every Apple nerd and their lack of imagination has already thought of this costume, just don’t there. Avoid this costume here:

“Kim Davis”

Just don’t do it. Avoid this costume here: 

“The Ice Bucket Challenge”

Let’s not ruin a good thing, hmmmkay? Avoid this costume here:

What other costumes for Halloween 2015 that should be avoided?

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