Wow… Talk about hype. As someone who would buy most of Kanye West’s products, this is just too far.  News has been circling the internet about a mysterious bag of Air that has popped up on eBay -reportedly from the Kanye West concert.  Who would want a bag of air? Well it seems like at least six people do. The bidding which started at $5 has now blown up to reach an astronomical price of $60,000! For a bag of air!  

With all the things one could spend their money on, it seems absolutely messed that someone would spend a University Degree sum for a bag of air.  While funny internet commenters have started to suggest that Kanye himself is behind the bids, it really just goes to show how popular the dude is.

His sneakers sell at unbelievably marked up prices, his concert sell out, and although it’s probably a super rich person’s jokes – people are willing to literally buy the air around him.
That’s messed up!

Source: The Telegraph 

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