Let me first start off by telling you ladies that I’m the type of woman that likes to spend as little money on beauty products as possible. There is a good chance that everything on my bathroom counter was bought on sale and though I enjoy saving the cash, I don’t particularly enjoy everything I’ve ever purchased.

When I received The Socializer package by Elizabeth Grant, I was stoked. The Socializer package comes with everything you need to keep your face clean and fresh plus more. In my Socializer package I received bottles of Daily Cleanse, Daily Tone, Z.I.T Zapper, Spotlight Exfoliator, Porefection, Dare to Bare Arm Care Smoothing Exfoliator plus buffer tool and Dare to Bare Arm Care Soothing Lotion. Sounds like a lot and it is, but I didn’t spend a lot! I got all 7 products for only 40 bucks! But we’ll talk about that later.

For now, I just want to share with you guys my review of the cleanser and toner which I’ll break down into categories. Check it out below!


Aesthetics & Packaging:  Like I said before, I loved the packaging of this line. Each product comes in it’s own box that makes it look expensive and fun.

Smell: There is no special scent for the cleanser, which is nice because I sometimes find scented face washes to be overwhelming. The Socializer cleanser smells like a typical face wash, which isn’t necessarily bad or good.

Consistency & Texture: I was actually quite thrown off by the consistency of this product. I’ve had gel cleansers before, but they have always typically been a thin gel. The Socializer cleanser has the consistency of a hair gel but it doesn’t get too foamy once you apply on your face, which I liked.

Ease of Use: Very easy to use, like all face wash should be. I squeezed the product into my hand, massaged it onto my face, rinsed with warm water and patted my face dry with a towel.

Conclusion: Overall, it was a very nice experience. I have combination skin, so my cheeks are always dryer than the rest of my face. A problem I’ve had in the past with other face washes was with them drying out my face, leaving my skin feeling very tight. After using the Socializer cleanser, my face felt soft and fresh.


Smell: The toner shared the same smell as the cleanser. Nothing overtly special, but also nothing bad.

Consistency & Texture: This is where I was thrown off again. I’ve never used a gel toner before so using this was a new experience. I thought it might leave my skin feeling sticky, but it was actually the exact opposite.

Ease of Use: Very easy! I put about two pumps of the gel toner onto a cotton pad and spread all over my face.

Conclusion: I liked this toner a lot. If you’ve never used a toner before, the purpose is to remove any excess dirt the cleanser may have missed. This might be TMI, but I really like the fact the toner did it’s job. There was some visible dirt on my cotton pad and the toner left a tingly feeling on my skin. The gel felt like it was moisturizing my skin, rather than drying it out and I didn’t even need to moisturize after use!

Keep an eye out for my review of the arm exfoliators and more details on how you can get an Elizabeth Grant package for cheap!


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