You guys might remember when we posted about the Body Shop‘s new make-up line, Colour Crush. The line hit stores this past August and consists of eye shadows and lipsticks that are all made of Community Fair Trade Brazil nut oil, marula oil, honey, organic virgin coconut oil, sesame oil and are 100% cruelty free. I’ve been testing two of the 24 vibrant lipstick shades that come in the collection and I’ve got to tell you, I’m fairly impressed. To be honest, when I got the product, I didn’t think that a 13 dollar lipstick would be able to uphold my daily activities consisting of lots of eating, drinking and smooching my boyfriend, but they actually held up pretty well, in fact, they held up all day.


The two colours I’ve been switching between are 101, a classic shade of red and 201, a hot pink with a subtle hint of sparkle. 101 is my favourite lipstick right now. I have been wearing it almost everyday and I usually don’t need to apply more than 2 times a day. Upon first applying, I decided to test if the lipstick would rub off on a cup after taking a sip. It did, but it wasn’t the end of the world because I’ve come to realize finding a lipstick that doesn’t rub off is close to impossible and lipstick has got to come off eventually, so is that really a quality that we wanna look for in a lipstick? I would say that the lipstick holds pretty well. It does fade after a couple of smooches and bites of a bagel, but the colour stays quite vibrant.

For 13 dollars, I would say this purchase is a great investment and a great alternative to any $30+ lipsticks. Again, they’ve got 24 different shades, so there’s something for everyone! I’d suggest buying a few. Keep one in your purse, your pocket or buy it as a gift, you won’t regret it! Head to the Body Shop’s website to check out the full Colour Crush line and shop their lipsticks on sale for $9.75!

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