Every girl and woman, no matter the race, faces beauty struggles every day. Growing up of Chinese & Vietnamese decent, these are some of the problems I’ve faced… Raise your hand if you relate!

1. You’re always too tan for your mom, grandmother, and aunts

“Stay out of the sun, you’re too dark! You look like you work on a farm!”

2. You bruise like a peach

Accidentally walk into a table and it looks like someone beat your legs with a bat

3. The frustration of small or hooded eyelids and straight eyelashes

Lift ’em up with a curler (which is really a hit or miss) & mascara or embrace the fact you can literally see your lashes without looking in a mirror

beauty struggles every asian girl

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4. Your eyebrows do whatever they want, cause they’re super straight too

Like Miley Cyrus, they can’t be tamed.

beauty struggles every asian girl

5. Using boxed hair dye is basically useless

Unless you’re dying your hair black because doing it at home results in 4 different colors: rusty orange, light black, black or dark black

beauty struggles every asian girl

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6. And if you want a different color, you’ve gotta bleach the sh*t out of it

Sometimes it works, sometimes your hair comes out with the texture of a hay stack

beauty struggles every asian girl

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7. Got a scar? Get used to it!

Because of a thinner stratum corneum, Asians scar more easily and scars take forever to fade

8. Your eyeliner/eye shadow is constantly smudging

Curse you, monolid!

beauty struggles every asian girl

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9. Sunglasses are always sliding down your face…

Because of your cute (archless) button nose!

10. Your hair knows one style & it is straight

Don’t even think about curling your hair if it’s windy, ’cause no amount of hairspray is going to hold those curls in!

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11. Asian glow can ruin a perfectly good face of make-up

Your contour is now 50 shades of red

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12. You get ID’d everywhere you go because you’re forever young

“How old are you?” “25” “Wow, you look 16!”

13. Until this happens…


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  The struggle is real!

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  • Fatim101

    lool so funny

  • Sara Mitchell

    coming from a “white girls” perspective never thought you felt you had it like this because I look at your skin and say “ageless and flawless”! embrace it