Ever wonder what a model casting call is like? Yesterday ( March 9th) Evintra and Toronto Fashion Night hosted their 2nd casting call for the event happening March 21st and StyleDemocracy got some behind the scenes action!

Picture this- the beautiful RItz Carlton Hotel in Downtown Toronto, excitement is in the air as model strut their stuff, and everyone eagerly anticipates fashion super-star Stacey Mckenzie who will be making the final casting decisions.  Tensions are high as obviously not every model makes the cut. I equate it to a university sports team walk-on tryout! Looks dart across the room as girls and guys are called up to make it to the next round or to pack their bags.

Although the competition is fierce, everyone had a great time and the Toronto Fashion Night looks poised to set up a fantastic event.

Take look at the behind the scenes gallery and get ready for Toronto Fashion Night happening on March 21st 2-14

Big thank you to Stacey Mckenzie for her involvement with the casting call!

Photos taken by: Top Gallery- Grayson Miller – Bottom Gallery- Lauren Sutherland

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