With Best Buy‘s closure of Future shop a couple of months ago, the electronics giant it looking at new ways of selling more product. The answer they came up with might surprise you, as Best Buy has just announced it’s looking to start selling products from rival retailers.

Canada’s largest electronics retailer, which has seen it’s shares of struggles as of late is getting ready to invite a myriad of other retailers to start selling product through Best Buy’s e-commerce platform in order to compete with the Amazon’s and the eBay’s of the world. ¬†Essentially Best Buy has begun to realize that electronics as a stand alone offering isn’t cutting it. Especially when the 2015 shopper can now do one stop online shopping for everything from clothing to food on e-commerce sites like Amazon and Walmart.com.

An article on this subject by the Globe and Mail highlights how interesting a move this is, as teaming up with rivals is very unconventional in the retailing world. However it just goes to show the urgency among merchants to find other ways to sell more products in a digital world.

Read the full Globe and Mail article here.

What do you think, would you buy clothes or even food from Best Buy?

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