Year in Review: The Best Menswear Shops in 2016

Menswear in Toronto continually evolves and matures and it’s the retailers of our city that develop and cater the best looks in menswear, clothing the cities best dressed.
Uncle Otis -

Menswear in Toronto continually evolves and matures and it’s the retailers of our city that develop and curate the best looks in menswear, clothing the cities best dressed.  

The following is our annual list of the best menswear stores in the city. Each store presented on the list sticks to their Canadian roots and focuses on providing Toronto’s men with an excellent shopping experience, access to coveted brands and most have had a lasting or nurturing effect on the community in which the store resides.                                 

Park & Province    



Park & Province has quietly become one of the best menswear shops in the city. Nestled in Toronto’s West Queen West neighbourhood, Park & Province has been supplying Toronto’s best-dressed men with invaluable pieces for their wardrobe.  The store carries an evolving list of 50+ brands and sticks to a core principle that keeps the store successful. Gray Butler and Chris Naidu the founders of P&P keep it simple. Instead of reinventing the menswear wheel, they ar refining it and repairing it.  Each season the duo curates a selection of designers from all over the world that effortlessly blend with each other in the store.  You can find anything from classic staples to intriguing contemporary pieces. Pair that with a knowledgeable staff, cool atmosphere and one of the best retail duo’s in the city and you’ve got a recipe for success.


Reigning Champ

As one of the newest stores on this list, The Reigning Champ store on Ossington is a minimalist design lover’s dream. Reigning Champ is known for their high-quality athletic wear, and is one of the best brands period making this type of product. We love this store because it’s stylish, beautiful in aesthetics and makes great Canadian product.


Working Title

Located just east of Yorkville on Davenport, Working Title is a beautifully curated store that focuses on providing men with beautiful basics and subtle international streetwear brands. We love the overall concept of Working Title. When you enter the ground floor of the store you’re instantly treated to a carefully curated selection of lust-worthy shoes and clothing, while the basement level of the shop houses a lovely collection of books, magazines, prints, and photos.  The store has established itself as a go-to shopping destination for the stylish man and is the only successful menswear shop operating in that small corridor east of Bay but west of Yonge.


Uncle Otis

Truly the OG of the list, Uncle Otis has consistently maintained themselves as one of the best menswear stores in the city for over 25 years.  Why have they been so successful? With a strong vision to providing Toronto’s stylish men with high-quality clothing that doesn’t necessarily lend itself to trends, Uncle Otis and owner Donnell Enns has focused on doing things right. The store feels like it doesn’t change although there is always new clothing and products. We get this feeling because Uncle Otis has a formula that has worked for them for a quarter century. The store seems to never lose focus and as a shopper, you know that you can walk into Uncle Otis at any time and shop a selection of clothing that you know is curated with the most discerning of tastes.


Frank + Oak

Frank + Oak has masterfully replicated their online experience and translated it into a retail format that is one of the best in the city. The brand searched city-wide for an appropriate location and settled on the former Hoops Sports Bar and transformed it into a modern hangout that features a cafe in the front and a barbershop in the back. The Frank + Oak store is truly an immersive shopping experience and allows fans of the brand to discover new products in an awesome and comforting location. What’s great about Frank + Oak is that their stores become community hubs, attracting not only stylish dudes looking for great products but the community as a whole.



The brand spanking new Vitaly Store needs to be on this list. We are going to make a big comparison here, but follow us through it. We believe that Vitaly will have a similar effect to the Queen Street West neighbourhood as Supreme did in the Soho Neighbourhood of New York City. While many people will rush to think that there is no way, Supreme is one of the biggest brands in the world and has a cult following like no other.  Our argument would be that it’s already slowly begun. While we don’t believe the Vitaly brand will have the same disruptive abilities that Supreme does, we believe that the Vitaly store will spawn an army of brand faithful that will populate Queen Street west all adorning Vitaly jewellery and clothing. Very few brands have the ability to create a movement, a brand sentiment that resonates so strongly with its followers that it transcends normal fashion cycles and creates a fervent following that some would argue is only rivaled by a few other brands in the city.



There is only one other shop on this list that has received anywhere close to the amount of international recognition that Haven has. Truly a mecca for high-end streetwear, Haven is one of those stores that caters to the man that knows what he wants.  With coveted exclusive drops and a level of shop sophistication that is usually only found in New York, Haven continues to be one of those shops that if you are serious about streetwear, you just have to visit. If you are looking for high-end unique accessories, Haven is hard to beat. With a curated selection of some of the best goods on the planet, Haven’s strength is providing shoppers with a unique collection of coveted high-end designer accessories.



There are many places to get a great men’s suit in the city, but few do it in a way that’s as easy on the wallet and as fashion forward as SuitSupply. Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t saying SuitSupply is hands down the best place in the city to get a suit, we think for the price it’s one of the best non-made to measure suit you can buy. Tucked away in Yorkville, SuitSupply caters to the man who wants a trendy fashion forward suit, but doesn’t want to have to spend way over $1,000 to get it. With suits starting at $429 the price is right, and the atmosphere of the store is electric. With helpful and knowledgeable staff, SuitSupply should be a go-to destination for suit shopping without breaking the bank.



Nomad offers a wide range of carefully selected goods for the well-dressed man. We love this store, because it has a beautiful mix of heritage brands, new designers and established fashion brands. Quality is paramount at nomad, rarely will you see an item that looks like it’s not supposed to be exactly where it is. Meticulous merchandising, the most coveted brands, and a cool as hell atmosphere makes Nomad a must shop if you’re looking for high-end streetwear in Toronto.



It would be hard to make a list of the Best Shopping destinations for men and leave GotStyle off the list.  We will keep this short at GotStyle has appeared on all of our lists before. Got Style and its founder Melissa Austeria have been providing Toronto’s men with a full-service shopping destination for almost a decade. Think barber shops and coffee in a men’s store is cool? GotStyle was one of the first in the city doing that. We love GotStyle because they have and continue to be a breeding ground for great local talent. Ask the dudes and Vitality, ask the dudes at Sully Wong or even the dudes at Monte & Co. Melissa took a chance on all of them and continues to showcase great local talent


Lost + Found

Lost + Found is another one of those Toronto stores that took an approach that many other retailers in the city have played upon.  The store supports quality, craftsmanship and sustainable products and that mantra has kept the fashionable men of Toronto returning to this great boutique. Celebrating 5 years in business owners Jonathan Elias and Justin Veiga have turned Lost  + Found into a very special place garnering a loyal fan base and dedicated enthusiasts who followed the store from Dundas West to their current location on Ossignton.