How often is it that you shop online, only to abandon your online shopping cart before paying? Despite the fact many brick & mortar stores are losing money because of ‘showrooming‘ (the process of browsing in-store only to purchase elsewhere online), three quarters of all shopping carts are abandoned before purchase – a sign that retailers are losing money on both forefronts. To recover lost sales, many retailers have begun to offer customers that leave full, idling carts discounts in hopes of winning them back.

Not just anyone can claim the discount though. To get the most bang for your buck, you must register first. The retailer must have your email, so that they are able to email you the offer while your shopping cart idles. Registering as a ‘Guest’ won’t cut it. In order to get the discount, you must go through the entire checkout process. With some websites, you’ll even have to go as far as entering your credit card information, but don’t finalize your purchase – keep waiting! The process usually takes about 72 hours. However, beware that not all coupons are alike. Some coupons are dependant on internal factors within the retailer’s database, such as if you’re a frequent shopper on the site or how much product you have in your cart. Also, if you clicked a google ad to get to the retailer’s site, chances are you will be less likely to get a coupon as they have to pay the search engine a fee for that click.

Below are a few stores compiled by Rather Be Shopping that offer idling cart discounts. Click here for the full list. *Note codes on the photos are just examples. You must abandon a cart to get a personalized code*

Kate Spade – 15% off

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Levis – 25% off

online shopping hack

Babies R Us/Toys R Us – Free Shipping

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William Sonoma – Free Shipping on orders $49+

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Abandoning your cart has become the online equivalent of haggling – it’s no doubt annoying for retailers, but super beneficial to shoppers!

Do you know of any other online stores that offer discounts for abandoned carts? Will you try this online shopping hack? Comment below!

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