Best Streetwear Shops in Toronto

If you do a quick google search on what defines streetwear, you’ll be hard to find an answer.

If you do a quick Google search on what defines streetwear, you’ll be hard to find an answer. Looks are continually evolving to match the culture that stems from the street. Regardless of how you define it, here are the best stores in Toronto doing streetwear. We picked these stores based on brands they carry, the overall store aesthetic, and the consumer experience.


819 Queen Street West, Toronto

Nomad offers a wide range of carefully selected goods for the well-dressed man. We love this store, because it has a beautiful mix of heritage brands, new designers and established fashion brands. Quality is paramount at nomad, rarely will you see an item that looks like it’s not supposed to be exactly where it is. Meticulous merchandising, the most coveted brands, and a cool as hell atmosphere makes Nomad a must shop if you’re looking for high-end streetwear in Toronto.

Note: As far as we know as of now, Nomad  is the only place in Toronto that gets consistent Supreme drops!

Uncle Otis

26 Bellair Street, Toronto

One of the more established boutiques on this list, Uncle Otis has remained a go-to spot for streetwear heads for almost 20 years and is one of StyleDemocracy’s personal favourite spots to shop. Located in the heart of Yorkville,  Uncle Otis caters to the casually sophisticated. Similarly to Nomad the brand pays special attention to heritage brands, while cultivating local and emerging brands as well. Everything in Uncle Otis is highly curated- the team focuses heavily on fit, fabric and construction.  There is nowhere better to shop for clothes that give off an air of understated luxury.


116 Spadina Avenue, Unit G1, Toronto

Slowly but surely Livestock has become one of the best shoe stores in North America, that’s right you heard us North America. Southern sneaker aficionados head up north to check out Livestock’s goods on a regular basis. The store has an NYC/ LA vibe, clean interior with beautifully curated and arranged sneakers. Regularly stocked with brands like BBC and The Hundreds– hardcore streetwear enthusiasts can get their fix.


69 Yorkville Street, Toronto

With a newly opened second store around the corner from their original location, C-apsule has positioned itself as a go to destination for kicks and streetwear in Toronto. One of three Toronto stores to carry the infamous Air Yeezy’s, C-apsule is known around Toronto as having one of the best sneaker retail stores. We believe C-apsule is unrivalled in the Yorkville area for limited edition sneakers and brands like 10 Deep, HUF and Stussy. If you’re looking for exclusive sneakers C-apsule should be on your radar.


145 Berkley Street, Toronto

Similarly to Nomad and Uncle Otis, Haven caters to the more upscale minded streetwear enthusiast. A beautifully curated store, Haven houses some of the most coveted brands from around the world.  If you’re your looking for the newest collection from Reigning Champ, or craving that hard to find piece from Japan Haven is your spot.

Community 54

1275 Queen Street West, Toronto

Sorry for the pun, but Community 54 really is the most community focused store out of the bunch. With deep ties to the Parkdale community and a focus on exposing local talent, Community 54 has made it’s mark in the Toronto Streetwear scene. Community 54 carries vintage clothing, but it’s not your typical vintage store. The selection of vintage clothing has all been curated. That means that unlike other stores where you have to dig to find that killer vintage Levi’s piece, Community 54 has all of it’s shelves stocked with covetable hard to find items.


104 Yorkville Ave, Toronto

The store has  managed to establish itself as a destination for men in Toronto. We are always baffled by the quality of brands this small tucked away boutique carries. CNTRBND aims to give their customers a local and international taste of luxury, while exposing them to brands that you can’t find anywhere else.

Working Title

126 Davenport Street, Toronto

The new kid on the block Our friend Jonathan Elias and Justin Viega owners of Dundas West staple Lost & Found have teamed up with two of L&F’s die hard customers Michael Fong and Paul Shkordoff to create a unique retail concept dubbed Working Title.

Located just east of Yorkville on Davenport (126 A Davenport), uptown is a good move for a boutique of this nature. It’s just a little off the beaten path of Yorkville, but it’s close enough to draw in customers who might be used to shopping at spots like Uncle Otis and Contraband.