With the holidays officially underway, tis’ the season to start Christmas shopping! Here are some helpful tips to save you a few bucks as you meander aimlessly around the mall:

Subscribe to Retailer’s emails lists

Exclusive offers are usually sent to “VIP” subscribers who enlist themselves onto the retailer’s email list. To help you with organizing it all, we suggest creating an email address solely for coupons and promotions. Trust us, nothing is more unnerving than receiving a surge of coupons in your personal/business inbox.

Get your Shopping done Online

Avoid the pains of finding a parking spot and overcrowded stores by scoping out online retailers for the best deals and in some instances, they may even provide great (or free!) shipping options.

Take Advantage of Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

Historically, shoppers used to flock over state-side to get the best deals for Black Friday, but recently many Canadian retailers are starting to embrace the sales culture by offering their own Black Friday sales. Take advantage of these great sales days for amazing discount opportunities for your holiday shopping.

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