Last week, we checked out the launch of the new Bic Flex4 razor in partnership with the Toronto Raptors and DeMar DeRozan. The launch party took place at Garrison’s Barbershop, which is known for its masculine, rustic & friendly atmosphere.  We got a chance to speak with BIC Razor’s brand manager James Cheng to learn a bit more about the product. “One of the main features that sets it apart are the 4 individual adjusting blades that give you a great contour when shaving,” said Cheng. For the men on the go, the lubricating aloe vera strip with vitamin E gives a clean lubricated shave if your all out or don’t have time to bother with shaving cream. I, personally, got a shave with the new razor and can attest to the ease of the blade and how relaxing the overall experience was. I’d personally recommend checking out the Bic Flex4 razor and Garrison’s Barbershop if your looking to up your grooming.


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