Upscale Montreal-based jeweller Maison Birks will spend over $4.5 million this year expanding and renovating its Canadian base of stores, following its recent rebranding. The retailer opened and renovated several new Canadian locations in 2014, with plans to open more locations into 2015 and beyond. Remarkably, the retailer is almost consistently building smaller stores when it replaces previous locations and as a result, some of its largest locations are being replaced by some of its smallest.

Birks has recently opened a number of store locations, including stores in Calgary, Burlington and suburban Montreal. Its Burlington store, located at Mapleview Centre, measures 1,384 square feet while its Brossard store, located in the popular Quartier DIX30, measures 1,690 square feet. Its newest Calgary location, located next to Canada’s first Nordstrom in Chinook Centre, measures 3,660 square feet and replaces a 2,340 square foot location in the same mall. This is the only recent instance where a replacement Birks has been larger than a former location. Downtown Calgary’s Birks recently renovated and added a Rolex shop-in-shop with its own dedicated mall entrance. The downtown Calgary Birks location, however, has been reduced in size from 7,895 square feet to 5,568 square feet, with 2,330 square feet going to Michael Kors. At one time, downtown Calgary’s Birks spanned an impressive two floors.


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