Our Favorite Flash Sales Sites

The worst thing about a sale, is missing out on one because you didn't know it existed! That's why we've decided to fill you guys in on our favourite flash sale sites. If you're unsure of what a flash sale is, a flash sale is a sale on a certain product or group of products for a short period of time.

#1 Voted Suitsupply Coming to Toronto

If you've never head of Suitsupply, it's an insanely popular men's retailer from Holland. The brand has made headway all over Europe and is slated to open it's first Canadian location on Cumberland Street in Toronto's Yorkville area. Suitsupply excels in providing very modern suit cuts and great quality at prices under $400 and was voted #1 men's suit retailer by the...

Spotlight: Knixwear Underwear

In lieu of Canada's Day, we would like to salute the great brands Canada has and the brains behind them, including up and comer, Joanna Griffiths. If you haven't heard of Griffiths, she is a business woman extraordinaire. With over seven years of marketing and PR experience and a resume that includes working for Universal Music, the Toronto International Film Festival and the CBC, she's the kind of stuff that makes you proud to be a Canadian woman!
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