Recently StyleDemocracy had the pleasure of celebrating The Body Shop’s 40th anniversary, where they announced their new global initiative to reduce the use of oil based plastics. The initiative focuses on exploring new academic, technology and research in the realm of ethical beauty. The goal is to cut back use of oil based plastic by a whopping 70% by 2020.

And just how do they plan to achieve this you ask? By using captured methane and carbon dioxide – all those cows passing gas who you thought were eroding the ozone layer are now probably contributing more to green practices than you are. The methane based plastics came to be through a partnership with California-based Newlight Technologies, who invented the new thermoplastic material, AirCarbon.

The Body Shop now uses AirCarbon for all their packaging, reducing green house gases through the process of capturing emissions for plastic production. International Director of Social Responsibility, Christopher Davis, commented, “We want to take action to reduce our impact on the planet, radically reinterpreting the way we sell and buy cosmetics and how our customers use them.”

He continued by announcing an open invitation for all global experts to support and help The Body Shop reach this goal. The Body Shop is the first company in the Beauty Industry to commit to an effort to industrialize AirCarbon and hopes others will follow suit. The Body Shop will continue to foster new partnerships in an effort to pioneer new product packaging solutions, product design and product life.

Don’t worry! You can help too by supporting forward thinking companies like The Body Shop.

Take a peek at the new products here & share some of your Body Shop purchases with #enrichnotexploit

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