The idea for Mejuri was simple – combine technology, jewelry designers and customers in order to bring the masses affordable luxury and unique designs – but it caught the attention of thousands of people across the globe, including the likes of Vogue, LOULOU, ELLE, and more. Jewelry has always played a large part in Mejuri co-founder, Noura Sakkijha’s life. She’s the third generation in her family to work in the jewelry industry. After getting a degree in engineering and finishing her MBA at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University, Noura knew she wanted to keep up family traditions, but in a less traditional sense, “I always knew I wanted to go back into the family business, but I wanted to do something different. I didn’t want to stay in the traditional jewelry industry, because it hasn’t seen a lot of movement on the Internet,” Noura explains. Becoming a mover and shaker within the industry might not have been the plan, but it came naturally as her next step.


In 2012, Mejuri started as a business plan as a part of Noura’s MBA. The plan was to welcome jewelry designers across the globe to enter Mejuri’s design competitions. The public would then be asked to vote on their favourite pieces and once the voting was up, Mejuri would manufacture the winning design and make it available online. The plan was presented to three CEOs as a part of the Slaight Business Plan Competition, and Mejuri was awarded the grand prize. Since then, Mejuri has been awarded multiple other awards and honors including grand prize at the International Startup Festival, the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Young Entrepreneurs and have even been recognized as one of the most credible design competitions in the world by the GIA. If that doesn’t impress you, Mejuri also made a surprise appearance on Oprah when Kristin Chenoweth wore one the pieces on the show.  Of course Noura couldn’t have done it all alone – she is just one third of the founders. Her husband, Masoud Sakkijha and Majed Masad, another graduate of the Ted Rogers School of Management, make up the other two thirds. The three of them, alongside 4 other employees are slowly, but surely kicking the jewelry industry’s ass.


As of right now, everything for Mejuri is going to plan. They officially launched their business out of beta in October of 2013 and now boast over 700 award-winning and independent designers from across the world, which you can read about on their website. The designs and competitions have evolved, allowing Mejuri to create multiple cohesive collections that encompass a story and quality design. They hope to continue offering unique products and catering towards their customers complete needs by offering personalization in the near future and by becoming available offline and in-store.

In promotion of Mejuri’s newest competition, we’ve teamed up with them to give away $200 gift certificate to be used on the Mejuri website! Find out how you can enter here.

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