A brand that hits close to home and also provides a unique cultural influence, Canadian-Japanese brand SEVENTHIRTYONE is intriguing in the best of ways. SEVENTHIRTYONE was inspired by the unique aspects of the designer, Defne Husrevoglu, and marketing director, Maiko Suzuki’s, backgrounds.

The two originally met in Paris and coincidentally shared the same birthday of July 31st, which is how the name of their brand was conceived (7/31). Both of their histories and passions for the creative world of fashion brought them to create an equally unique brand that reflects both of their spirits.


Signature pieces in the brand include their hockey jersey tops and kimono sleeved tops, which are centered on the oversized & comfortable idea, while keeping modern and fashionable. Their current collection takes inspiration from rock and roll, implementing dark, edgy colours into their Japanese inspired attire. Each collection focuses on new concepts, but still takes the Canadian and Japanese inspiration of the brand to heart, focusing on signature looks.

SEVENTHIRTYONE’s pieces are all unique, but the shape and flow of every single garment contains details that help to evolve each collection. In a sense, each garment provides a unique look at what the brand offers, but in its own way. The way the kimono shaped sleeve is incorporated throughout their collection in tops, jackets, sweaters, and the design of shorts, skirts and pants all have elements signature to the SEVENTHIRTYONE look.


With special design that is signature to SEVENTHIRTYONE’s look, it’s only natural that their collections are made without any zippers or buttons, to make the clothes look and feel as unique as possible. This characterizes them as a brand with a vision that is quite different than many other brands out there. They want the clothes to feel as natural as possible – like a second skin – rather than a huge garment that just doesn’t feel right.

In the future, SEVENTHIRTYONE hopes to take the brand worldwide, so that the brand can take on the personality and shape of the person embodying it. As SEVENTHIRTYONE is grows, Husrevoglu and Suzuki are continually living on the edge. Facing challenges in the present and future brings much creative inspiration and only makes their passion burn stronger to continue to build the SEVENTHIRTYONE lifestyle.


Having been challenged in the past, and continuing forth, SEVENTHIRTYONE encourages other emerging Canadian and international designers to never stop learning and always reach for the stars, even when they aren’t so bright. With large passion like these two, anyone can aim for success and be miraculous.

Learn more about SEVENTHIRTYONE:

Website | www.seven-thirty-one.com

Facebook | Seventhirtyone By Husrevoglu/Maiko

Twitter | @_SevenThirtyOne


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