A few weeks ago I attended a shopping event hosted by one of StyleDemocracy’s contributors, My Little Secrets. The event was for the Toronto jewelry line, Shop for Jayu – a cute line full of trendy and affordable jewelry. I hadn’t planned on purchasing anything, but once I browsed the amazing selection of beautiful baubles I just couldn’t resist. I ended up leaving with a beautiful statement necklace for under $50. With fun designs and the majority of the collection under $60, Shop for Jayu has quickly become a favourite amongst women and has been featured in publications and television shows like LOULOU, The Kit, the Marilyn Denis show, and more. I had to learn more about the accessory line, so I reached out to owner Sally Han to learn more about the line, her inspiration, and what’s up next for the brand.

SD: When and how was the idea for Shop for Jayu born?

Sally Han: I started designing jewelry when I was 19-years-old. I had never taken jewelry classes, but my parents [both work in the fashion industry] for tailored clothing and bridal wear, so I’ve been influenced by them. [Jewelry design] came naturally, the moment I picked up my first set of pliers.

I named my first brand,  Psalms 91:1 Accessories, after my favourite Bible verse. I started selling my designs at charity events and helped raise funds for Sick Kids Hospital, the crisis in Haiti, North Korea, etc. The vision of Psalms 91:1 Accessories was to give job opportunities to widows and orphans around the world and teach the skill of jewelry making.

In order to accomplish this vision, we created a sister brand called Jayu. The purpose was to carry fashionable, trendy, and high quality jewelry that was more affordable and easily available – opening up more job opportunities for women around the globe. We named it Jayu, which means freedom in Korean. “Shop for Jayu, Shop for freedom.”

shop for jayu

SD: Why did you decide to get into jewelry industry?

Sally Han: Everything happened so naturally. I tried it out for fun and to help support a charity for lost children, and the next thing I knew, I had my own label and people were digging my designs!

SD: How would you describe the difference between Psalms 91:1 and Shop for Jayu?

Sally Han: Each of the Psalms 91:1 designs tell a story and each piece is designed by me personally. Shop for Jayu designs are created by different artisans in Korea. Jayu is an outlet for my husband and I to express our quirky, fun side. We do this mostly through our marketing and designs.

SD: Who designs the pieces and how/where are they made?

Sally Han: Jayu jewels are designed and created in South Korea

shop for jayu

SD: Where do you see the brand in 10 years?

Sally Han: In 10 years, Shop for Jayu will hopefully have accomplished the goal of giving job opportunities to widows and orphans around the world. Jayu would be worn and sold across the world!

SD: How would you describe the Shop for Jayu style?

Sally Han: I would describe Shop for Jayu to be every style. Bold, dainty, feminine with an edge, classy, wearable, and comfortable.

SD: Would you say that Shop for Jayu has a typical customer?

Sally Han: We don’t exactly have a typical customer. We have young high school to college students and career women to stay-at-home moms!

shop for jayu

SD: Aside from online, is there anywhere else we can shop the collection?

Sally Han: Shop for Jayu is being carried by over 60 boutiques across North America and will also be available in the US Anthropologie stores.

SD: Why do you think StyleDemocracy Insiders will love Shop for Jayu?

Sally Han: What’s not to love? Shop for Jayu is accessible, easy to shop with a free shipping service, and we’ve got every jewel a women could wish for!

SD: What’s next for Jayu?

Sally Han: We’re excited to be launching our very first clutch line and head band line, “Jayu Clutch” and “Jayu Bands,” which you can shop at the Fitzroy x Shop for Jayu pop-up until June 1st.

To shop the collection or learn more about Shop for Jayu, check out:

Website | www.ShopForJayu.com

Facebook | Shop for Jayu

Twitter | @ShopForJayu

Instagram | @ShopForJayu

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