By now you’ve probably seen it a thousand times over. On the trendy girl you always walk past on your way to work, your favourite blog or in street-style photos. Brian Lichtenberg is everywhere. If you don’t know who or what I am talking about, Brian Lichtenberg is an LA based designer specializing in men’s and women’s contemporary fashion. His brand began to explode once celebrities such as Rihanna and Cara Delevingne started donning his fashion tees and accessories that made wordplay on globally coveted brands.


You can purchase his line which include slogans like Homies (Hermes), Feline (Celine), Ballin (Balmain) & more online or in-stores at Holt Renfrew. Brian Lichtenberg is so globally recognized in the fashion scene, that he was even featured on the ‘Shit Girls Say’ parody blog, Shit Bloggers Wear.



Shit Bloggers Wear was created by Cecilia Doan who she took notice that despite the fact that fashion is meant to be unique and individual, that all bloggers wear the same shit! Surprisingly, the digital creative agency strategist has no artistic background aside from a few drawing classes and had the idea for the blog when a coworker mentioned coveting a pair of boots seen on Sincerely Jules. The blog consists of sketches drawn of ‘shit bloggers wear’ complete with brand and name. A few of my favourites include the denim cutoffs with exposed pockets, Birkenstocks and the Michael Kors watch, which hit pretty close to home because I am wearing all three pieces right now. Oops.

shit-bloggers-wear-birkenstocks shit-bloggers-wear-denim-cut-offs Shit-bloggers-wear-michael-kors

The blog is not meant to be offensive to bloggers or designers, but showcases the fact these items act as status symbols of envy and style. Check the blog out here, it’ll entertain you for at least an hour or so!

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