Leading landlord Cadillac Fairview is seeing increased sales by adding restaurants and upgraded food components and as a result of these and other property upgrades, its malls are among Canada’s most productive. Finley McEwen, Senior Vice President of Development at Cadillac Fairview, explained how the landlord’s decade-long efforts are paying off and how Cadillac Fairview plans to continue upgrading its dining options to attract and keep shoppers in its malls.

Several of Cadillac Fairview’s malls made it into Retail Insider’s 2014 list of Canada’s 20 most productive malls, and the same is expected for our 2015 list which will launch next month. This may come as no surprise, as the landlord has been upgrading and expanding its properties as well as adding new tenants. We spoke with Mr. McEwen specifically about Cadillac Fairview’s efforts to enhance its food options, which range from traditional and enhanced food court offerings to full-service, freestanding restaurants.

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